15 Great South African Indie Music Albums

15 Great Albums and EPs by South African Indie Artists launched in 2020 Here are 15 notable releases by South African indie artists: Marcus Harvey, Muzi, Desire Marea, Nipho Hurd, Push Push and many more. Although it’s been a challenging year for most, some artists have decided to hunker down and make the most of the tumult. Undoubtedly, releasing new work amid a pandemic is a challenging feat. To do so without the backing of a major label, or as your first release, is just plain gutsy. Independence is tough, but it also guarantees the most creative freedom which usually leads to forward-thinking and, at times, genre-shifting music. South Africa’s indie scene is always teeming with such releases. And, in a year that was tough on artists, we highlight 15 of the best releases that fell on our radar and moved us. From Sipho The Gift’s dexterous raps on Bloom to Desire Marea’s avant-garde progressive sonics on Desire, Langa Mavuso’s enchanting soulful melodies on Langa and everything in between, we bring you a list of 15 notable albums and EPs by South African indie artists that were released in 2020.

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