28 Year Old Cameroonian Nuclear Engineer and Physicist

28 Year Old Cameroonian Nuclear Engineer and Physicist

One of the most brilliant physicist of his generation.

View Video of Arsène Tema Biwolé Here. (note in French only)

28 year old Arsène Tema Biwolé is a Cameroonian nuclear engineer and physicist. He is cited by the press as one of the most brilliant physicists of his generation.

Arsène Tema Biwolé was born on June 15, 1992 in the “Bamoun camp” which was built during the German colonization in Bafoussam, situated West of Cameroon. He was born premature and was often sick during his childhood. Arsène and his brothers were raised by his single and modest mother. Sometimes missing meals, he clung to his dream of becoming a ‘man of science’. He studied ‘Newtonian physics’ often without electricity, by candlelight. The turning point in his life came when he was selected by the Italian Embassy to continue his studies at an Italian university. Upon leaving he promised his mother to pursue his passion for physics and make her proud. He studied nuclear engineering at the prestigious Polytechnic University of Turin Becoming the only Cameroonian engaged in this course ever. In April 2017, with a grant from the United States Department of Energy, he continued his research for a Master Thesis in San Diego California at General Atomics while working in the Fusion Theory Group of this company. In 2017, Arsène became part in the 59th meeting of scientists from the American Physics Society. As a Cameroonian, becoming a member of the American scientific institution is rare. In April 2019, during a visit to Frankfurt in Germany, he appeared live on social networks with Claude Wilfried Ekanga and spoke summarily about his work and research. We’re sure to hear a lot more from this brilliant young scientist from Africa

Source: Wikipedia

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