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Baraka Daniel Kiranga | Tanzania

Baraka Daniel Kiranga, 29, of Tanzania, is founder and Director of Hamasa Media Group specialising in digital media.

Early years

Baraka Daniel Kiranga started his business with a mere $20 in 2014 while pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree at the Institute of Finance Management in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. With a friend, he bought a template for an online magazine, designed it, and wrote inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs and change-makers in the country. Impressed by his initiative, Kiranga received a small contribution from his father and friends to register the business with the magazine as his first product. For seven months, he worked on bootstrapping the business. Since then, Kiranga has not looked back and the business has grown by 449%. With a team of 11, the company now offers media consultancy services to clients such as WHO-Tanzania, NGOs, news outlets and journalists. In August this year, they plan to launch an art media lab to provide innovative media solutions such as strategy training, media monitoring, cloud computing and digital security services.

Last year, Kiranga was awarded a trophy by the National Training Institute of Egypt during an Arab African development forum in Egypt for his involvement in promoting youth development in Africa. “Don’t lose your focus when you are subjected to the heat of financial instability. It is working for the betterment of your business; at the end of the day, you will emerge on the other side of the valley and say it was better it happened,” he says. Hamasa is a business consultancy on digital media management and data technologies in producing data-driven stories.

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