Nnenna Okore | Nigeria

Nnenna Okore was born in Nigeria, 1975.
Medium: Abstract sculpture from textural materials

Artist statement: “I am intrigued by natural events like aging, death and decay that bring about weathering and dilapidation in objects and natural forms — processes that subtly capture the fluid and delicate nature of life.”

On her use of decaying materials: “As long I have been old enough and conscious enough to talk and think, I remember being drawn to certain elements in my surroundings. I was drawn to things like fiber and trees and roots. My works that are beginning to speak about age and the process of decay were triggered by gaining a better understanding of the materials that I use — old rope, sticks, paper, tend to break down over time. I’ve been really enamored by how at the beginning of creating my work, two years later, they change and transform in themselves and become a really different body of work.”

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