Ransome Stanley | Nigeria

Ransome Stanley was born to a Nigerian father and German mother in 1953
Medium: Painting

On his style: “I don’t consider myself a ‘collage artist,’ but I would say that collage describes my thinking process — nonlinear, absurd, sometimes beautiful, sometimes grotesque and fragmented.”

On his penchant for the color black: “One of my main concerns is the issue of time. I was actually trying to paint time, which of course is impossible. So I started mixing colors to make them look as if time had changed them, as if they were bleached by the sun or washed out by the rain. I want to create a certain patina, but not in a romantic view of the past.

“As for the color black, it is heavy on cultural meaning. Black is the absence of all light yet painting on a black background gives me the impression of light. It doesn’t matter if the color is very bright or soft, you do feel it in an extreme way.”

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