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Thobo Khathola | Botswana

Thobo Khathola, at 28, is founder, Managing Director and CEO of Lion Tutoring, an education technology company in Botswana.

Early years

It all began in 2015. After his experience as a university student tutor, Thobo Khathola was keen on improving the pass rates of students in Botswana. So he started operating from the boot of his car in his parents’ home to offer tutoring services to youth in Botswana.

We now enrol more than 1,000 clients each year,” he says. Khathola founded Lion Tutoring which he says works like the ‘Uber for tutors’. He now owns offices in Botswana and South Africa. “I have always been passionate about education and bothered by the declining pass rate of academics in my country and in Africa as a whole. I managed to gain experience and identified a niche,” he tells Forbes Africa.

Lion Tutoring takes advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by engaging clients through their e-commerce platform and mobile application. Since inception, Lion Tutoring has employed over 300 staff. The business has won three awards for three consecutive years from 2017, named the Best Youth Owned Business in Botswana at The Botswana Youth Awards and The Palapye Business Awards. Khathola was listed in the Botswana Stock Exchange’s publication as one of the Top Youth Entrepreneurs to look out for. He was also named one of the Top 30 Most Influential Youths in Botswana by Botswana Youth Magazine.

Khathola has also founded the Lion Tutoring Community Based Project which provides assistance to communities such as the SOS Children’s home, Childline and Mogonye Primary school. Khathola plans to branch into more African countries.

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