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Uzair Essack | South Africa

Uzair Essack, 27, from South Africa, is the founder and Managing Director of CapeCrops, an Agriculture and Logistics company who contribute to farming, cold chain and logistics. Uzair Essack has his roots deep in the fruit and vegetable business. CapeCrops is an export business that sells fruits and vegetables sourced from South Africa to the rest of Africa and international markets such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Early years

With no background in agriculture, Essack invested his savings to start the business and has managed to build a company which went from earning R500,000 ($30,515) revenue in 2015 to R34 million ($2 million) in 2019. Some of his clients include major supermarket chains such as Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Tesco and Carrefour and he recently opened an office in Dubai. Essack employs a staff of 13 and indirectly employs thousands. He is also the founder and president of GetGiving, a non-profit company that aims to benefit the community through projects which include food-hamper drives, sanitary drives, stationary drives and careers days.

Essack won the Minara Young Entrepreneur Award in 2019. “We firmly believe that African fruit and veg is amongst the most wholesome, healthy and flavorsome on the planet and we’re passionate about helping our clients all over the world to showcase it on the global stage,” he says.

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