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Africa Today TV (ATTV) trading as Africa Prime is a high quality streaming video on demand service dedicated to celebrating Africa’s talent and successes from all walks of life. With its 1.2 billion inhabitants and 54 nations, each with unique histories, Africa has a story to tell, the story of Africa by Africans and Africa’s view of the world. Such a story is often ignored or distorted by the mainstream international media. Africa Prime’s mission is to lend the continent the media platform for an untold, balanced and captivating narration.

Africa Prime offers best in class original African content in multiple channels exclusively to the USA and Canadian markets. Dedicated channels offer Business, Documentaries, Lifestyle, Travel and Food. Africa Prime is viewable in a variety of apps and platforms such as Android App, Apple TV App, iOS App, Android TV, Roku Chanel as well as our website.

Africa by Africans

Africa Prime is the streaming brand of Africa Today TV, a media company founded by Mr Yaya Moussa. Mr Moussa’s vision is encapsulated in the motto “Africa by Africans”, namely, Africa’s stories, past, present and future, should be primarily told by Africans.

It is time to move from the passive complaint about how Africa is unfairly depicted by foreign media to a more proactive promotion of the continent’s endeavours and achievements by Africans themselves. It is time to move away from the distorted 5D portrayal of Africa (Disorder, Disease, Death, Devastation and Desperation) and to acknowledge the continent’s steady progress towards Democracy, Development and Dignity (3Ds). Those 3Ds are defining the next Africa. Africa Prime envisions an Africa open to the rest of the world, but reliant on self-help and self-responsibility.

While confident in Africa’s future, Africa Prime is not oblivious of the continent’s current challenges and discusses them without complacency. Indeed, it is our view that Africa’s strength starts with the recognition by Africa of its own weaknesses.

Founder, President & CEO.

Mr. Yaya Moussa is the Founder, President & CEO of AFRICA TODAY TV, a media company based in Washington DC, USA. AFRICA PRIME is the trade name of the company’s SVOD division. Dr. Moussa’s objective is twofold: (i) rectify the negative perceptions about Africa by showcasing the continent’s success stories and great potential, and (ii) lend a face and a voice to Africa, by letting Africans themselves speak about their land, without interpreters. Established in 2014 on the occasion of the first USA-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington, AFRICA TODAY TV has attracted the attention of governments, corporations, think tanks and leading individuals in Africa and the USA.

Mr. Moussa’s professional background covers areas as diverse as venture capital (Société Générale Bank, Paris, France), public/private partnerships (Caisse des Depots et Consignation, Paris, France), credit rating (IBCA, Paris and London) and international development (International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, USA). Dr. Moussa was educated in France (Paris Institute of Political Studies and PhD from Paris-Dauphine), UK (M.Sc. Oxford University) and the USA (MPA from Columbia University and MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The Africa Prime Team.

Africa Prime have multiyear contracts signed with several leading African & European Content & European Providers

Africa Prime has a wide team of specialists who provide and curate the very best of African content, manage their Video on Demand services and provide marketing insights and platforms for their advertisers and sponsors.

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