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Africa Prime is inviting Africa Content Producers to showcase their videos and companies on Africa Prime’s website, FREE. Submit a Promotional Video of your choice. It can either be of your video production company, or an ensemble of your video productions, or an episode of one of your video productions. You can also add some text about your services and links to your website.

Africa by Africans. A Positive Vision. Celebrating Africa’s Talents and Achievements

Africa Prime aims to be the depository of the best video content about Africa, told by Africans themselves. Documentaries about yesterday, but also about today and tomorrow. Content that reflect the rich historical, cultural and human heritage of the continent, but also reflect faith in its peoples and hope for its future. Content that inform the world about Africa’s outstanding sons and daughters and remarkable successes. Africa Prime is inviting independent video producers and filmmakers who embrace our vision, to promote themselves to the USA and Canadian audiences FREE.

Africa Prime’s targets exclusively USA & Canada:

  • African Americans in all major cities in the USA and Canada
  • Africa Diaspora in the USA and Canada
  • All Americans and Canadians with Africa-Interest
  • Africa Business interests
  • High online streaming users
  • Educated, Influencers, Management, Decision-Makers


Fill in your details and hit the Submit button below. Terms and Conditions apply

Africa Window Showcase Terms & Conditions

  1. This document records the agreement between the applicant (‘you‘) and Africa Today TV LLC with trade name Africa Prime, a company registered according to the laws of the State of Delaware, United States of America, with offices at 2000 M Street NW, Suite 345, Washington, DC, 20036, USA (‘Africa Prime’) as pertains to the ‘Africa Window’ or ‘Africa Window Showcase’ platform.
  2. The Africa Window or Africa Window Showcase platform (‘the Platform’) is the sole and exclusive property of Africa Prime, and all rights, title and interest therein are reserved to Africa Prime. The Platform exists to curate and showcase premium quality Africa-Centric film and video content for primarily US and Canadian audiences.
  3. By registering and ticking the ‘I agree to Africa Prime’s Africa Window Terms & Conditions’ box on the Africa Window Application web page on the Africa Prime website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions and any supplementary agreements and policy documents that may apply. Supplementary terms may be applicable to you by virtue of your location and legal jurisdiction. Where this is the case you agree to those supplementary terms.
  4. Africa Prime reserves the right to make changes to its terms and conditions and policy documents in order to evolve and improve the Platform and related services. When implementing any substantial changes, Africa Prime will, where possible, notify you by requiring you to accept our revised terms again. We may however not always do so, and so request you to check our terms regularly for any updates.
  5. You warrant and represent that you have the necessary authority and capacity to enter into this agreement. Africa Prime reserves the right to refuse access to the Platform to any person who in our reasonable opinion does not have such authority or capacity following a request from us for proof of such authority or capacity.
  6. You expressly permit, authorise and allow Africa Prime to showcase your content by way of a specific web based URL link (‘In-App Link’) on its Platform to your video or film content on YouTube or Vimeo or other similar third party platform.  Your content will be accessible and viewed directly on either YouTube or Vimeo or other similar third party platform and will not be hosted on our Platform. The responsibility for maintaining the provided In-App Link and all associated video and film content on YouTube and Vimeo or similar platform shall at all times remain your sole and exclusive responsibility. Africa Prime does not at any time assume responsibility for same. Whilst Africa Prime makes every effort to ensure that the Platform and service is available and secure we do not warrant or guarantee that this will always be the case. Additionally Africa Prime does not warrant that the Platform or service will be uninterrupted or error free, or free from any viruses or other harmful components, which may be outside of our control.
  7. In so far as it may be necessary, you grant Africa Prime, a revocable, non-exclusive, unconditional, royalty free, perpetual, worldwide license to publish, disseminate, communicate, promote, market and make available the In-App Link (to the associated content) on the Platform. You expressly grant Africa Prime the right to prepare, edit and publish associated marketing and promotional material on the Platform without approval, and to describe the associated content that is available via the In-App Link, and furthermore to actively market and promote the In-App Link (and associated content) on the Platform worldwide, including by way of but not limited to social media and monetised advertising campaigns.
  8. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, you will at all times remain responsible for your video and film content and in this regard warrant and represent that you have in place all necessary and valid licenses, consents and releases, as pertains to but not limited to persons, locations, music and sound recording usage, video and photographic clips, and any other clearances and rights as pertains to such content. You represent that you have undertaken due diligence with respect to such content. You furthermore warrant and represent that you will abide by the terms and conditions of the third party platform your content is actually hosted on such as YouTube, Vimeo or similar. You furthermore warrant and represent that you are permitted either by way of license, grant of rights, or as copyright owner to grant such usage, distribution and viewing rights to the content accessed by way of the In-App Link as supplied to Africa Prime, worldwide and specifically for the US and Canadian territories and Africa territories. For the avoidance of doubt you accept all and exclusive responsibility for any copyright claims or infringement associated with your content whatsoever.
  9. You furthermore agree to indemnify and hold harmless Africa Prime, its subsidiaries, affiliates and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and advisors, from any and all claims, liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney own client costs, arising out of any material breach of any term herein or any representation or warranty set out herein and agree to provide all necessary assistance to Africa Prime in this regard.
  10. Disclaimer: Africa Prime does not warrant that the Platform will be free from errors or  omissions, not does it warrant that the Platform will be all times be fully operational or available for use. Occasionally the Platform may be suspended temporarily and without notice for situations concerning maintenance or repair or in instances of software failure and so forth. During the beta phase of the roll out of the Platform, various components, functionalities and options may be in test phase or may not be fully operational. Africa Prime shall not be liable to you or to any other person for any such event. Africa Prime does not accept any liability for any indirect, consequential loss or damage arising from the Platform, and your use of the services, your failure to keep your account details with us secure, or the deletion of any In-App Link (or any associated content).
  11. Africa Prime reserves the right to curate, select and accept only certain submissions for the Platform. To qualify for selection the video content needs to align with Africa Prime’s vision and meet Africa Prime’s acceptance criteria. Africa Prime’s acceptance criteria includes but is not limited to premium quality video, approved categories and the decision of Africa Prime’s review panel, whose decision shall be final. In addition the Platform will display only a select number of In-App Links and related content. Should your application be successful Africa Prime shall be entitled to display the relevant In-App Link on our Platform from that point in perpetuity until this agreement is terminated.
  12. Africa Prime reserves the right at any time, to limit or moderate and to take-down and remove associated content by disabling or removing the applicable In-App Link. As such there is no guarantee of any In-App Link (or associated content) remaining available for any period of time. From time-to-time, and for purposes of curation, selection or for creative or thematic reasons, Africa Prime may also suspend or remove certain links to allow for other links (and associated content) to be made available.
  13. User Comments: As part of the functionality of the Platform registered users (subscribers) are entitled to comment publically on the content made available by the In-App Link. You acknowledge that registered users (subscribers) are allowed and encouraged to comment publically on the Platform in accordance with Africa Prime’s agreed terms, conditions and policies (as per its End User License Agreement) and published comment guidelines, as updated (‘Guidelines‘). Comments expressed on the Platform do not necessarily reflect the views of Africa Prime. Notwithstanding such terms, conditions and policies, and guidelines, Africa Prime is not able to guarantee that all registered users (subscribers) will comply with such terms, conditions, policies and Guidelines, and furthermore does not warrant or make any representation regarding the suitability, desirability or legality of any comment or any publication, or make any warranty or representation regarding the removal of such comment or publication, or the sanctioning of any registered user (subscribers). Africa Prime does not specifically check, verify, moderate or otherwise approve any comments.  Comments that do not meet or comply with Africa Prime’s terms and conditions and Guidelines shall, on Africa Prime becoming aware thereof, be reviewed and where applicable shall be removed in accordance with its policies and Guidelines.  Africa Prime makes no warranty nor accepts any liability for any comment or publication made by a user on the Platform and you agree to hold Africa Prime its subsidiaries, affiliates and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and advisors, harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney own client costs, that may arise from any such comment or publication on the Platform.
  14. Africa Prime accepts no responsibility or liability for any In-App Link not working or any associated video or text content not displaying correctly. As video content is hosted on other third party applications and platforms the content is subject to the applicable hosting party’s terms and conditions of use, including interruptions, take downs, blocks and so forth.
  15. Africa Prime does not specifically check, verify or otherwise approve any content accessed by the In-App Link, but reserves the right to remove the In-App Link and any associated content that does not meet the terms and conditions of the Platform or does not comply with the law (alleged or other) or is against public mores. Africa Prime may do so on its own volition or on notification by any person. Africa Prime accepts no liability in respect of video submission content that is submitted and is subsequently made available to third parties by the In-App Link. Complaints or concerns regarding any In-App Link (and associated content) may be addressed to us at  Africa Prime undertakes to investigate any matter and to act in a way appropriate to the outcome of our investigation, which may include the removal of the offending In-App Link and associated content and the termination or suspension of the account.
  16. This agreement and your access and use of our services may be terminated by Africa Prime in the event of a material breach by you of these terms or any supplemental terms or policy rules as determined by Africa Prime.  On termination you will no longer be able to use our Platform.
  17. Africa Prime shall also be entitled to terminate this agreement and our services if required by any law to do so, or due to an event beyond our control (force majeure or other), or for reasons associated with the cancellation of any key service provider, sponsor or financier for our services, or for operational reasons. Africa Prime shall be entitled to modify or amend or terminate the provision of this services and the terms of use of the Platform to meet any particular law or regulation that may apply to the Platform or service in any jurisdiction.
  18. No waiver or indulgence of whatsoever nature shall be of any force of effect, including a waiver or indulgence in respect of this clause, unless it is reduced to writing and signed by you and Africa Prime.
  19. No variation of, or addition to or agreed cancellation of this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless it is reduced to writing and signed by you and Africa Prime.
  20. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Africa Prime regarding the subject matter hereof.  No agreements, guarantees or representations, whether verbal or in writing, have been concluded, issued or made, upon which either you or us are relying on to conclude this agreement, save to the extent set out herein.
  21. No indulgence, leniency or extension of time which Africa Prime may grant or show you will in any way prejudice us from exercising any of our rights in the future.
  22. If any particular provision and/or term of this agreement is found to be defective or unenforceable or is cancelled for any reason (whether by any competent Court or otherwise) then the remaining provisions and/or terms shall continue to be of full force and effect.  Each provision and/or term of this agreement shall accordingly be construed as entirely separate and separately enforceable in the widest sense from the other provisions and/or terms hereof.
  23. The laws of South Africa shall apply to these terms and conditions. The Courts of South Africa shall have jurisdiction to determine any dispute, provided that Africa Prime shall at its exclusive election be entitled to institute arbitration proceedings in South Africa or in the State of Delaware, USA, and shall furthermore at its election have the prior right to engage in a mediation process in order to resolve any dispute, prior to resorting to the courts or arbitration.