Burj Zanzibar Tipped to be an Architectural Landmark Attracting Visitors

The Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar aims high with plans for a 28-story, 96-meter-tall apartment tower named Burj Zanzibar, designed in hybrid timber technology that its developers say will make it the first timber structure of its kind in the world. The project, expected to be completed at the end of 2026, will be in Fumba Town, an eco-town developed by German-led engineering firm CPS. “Burj Zanzibar promotes the use of timber for construction and contributes to the development of the local value chain using widely available timber resources in Tanzania,” says the project’s Dutch-born architect, Leander Moons, to FORBES AFRICA.

When complete, it’s expected to overtake the 86.6-meter Ascent Tower in Milwaukee, US, recently certified as the world’s tallest timber hybrid building. The project will be executed by specialists from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Tanzania, and the US. However, the new concept does come with its challenges, being the first of its kind on the continent. Yet the popularity and fast growth of Fumba Town as an investment opportunity is a possible indication of the increasing demand for more sustainable solutions that also benefit local communities. Tanzania’s top skyscraper is the 157-meter Ports Authority building in Dar es Salaam.


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