African Hospitality

The Silo Hotel

The Silo Hotel – Voted Best City Hotel in Africa 2020. Here’s why.

After La Residence was named Condé Nast’s ‘Best Hotel in the World’ in 2013, the Bidens pitched for The Silo Hotel at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. They won the contract, up against some of the most well-known international hotel chains. Today The Silo Hotel celebrates its 5th anniversary, setting a new standard for luxury accommodation […]
Ellerman House

Ellerman House Wine Gallery

The Ellerman House wine gallery holds art pieces unlike any other wine cellar in Africa. A gigantic corkscrew sculpture holding several hundreds of bottles of wine, housed in a temperature controlled glass room. An entire wall, made up of 100 bronze frames, displaying the soil material from a 100 different wine estates in the Cape […]
Ellerman House

Ellerman House African Art Collection Genesis

The documentary presents a history of artists of color in South Africa. The 5 pioneer artists being; George Pemba, Gerard Sekoto, Gerard Benghu, Ernest Mancoba and John Koenakeefe Mohl. These artists laid a foundation that influenced many great modernists and contemporary artists, such as internationally acclaimed William Kentridge, whose father was the anti-apartheid lawyer who […]
Botlierskop African Oasis that Redefines Conservation

Botlierskop African Oasis that Redefines Conservation

Botlierskop does it differently. Here’s a creative African perspective on conservation and sustainability, where ‘people-development’ forms part of a near-perfect symbiosis. The owner, Arnold Neethling is a builder of buildings, vision and of people. Arnold believes that true empowerment is training up people and letting go. Yes, there is a risk they may make mistakes, […]
Botlierskop African Cancer Research Initiative

Botlierskop African Cancer Research Initiative

Botlierskop’s conservation efforts reaches out across Africa. It has been discovered by scientists that elephants are cancer resistant. Scientist Dr Charlot Vandevoorde has started an ambitious African project collaborating with Botlierskop, to find a possible link to human cancers, and hopefully contribute to bringing about a cure for cancer. In this video meet international veterinary […]
12 Apostles

12 Apostles Hotel African Treasure

A South African hotel group that has won numerous international awards primarily because of its people. The sought out, African expertise and people-focus culture of the Twelve Apostles Hotel staff has been exported to the UK. This documentary presented by the Red Carnations Group Manager, Michael Nel, highlights what makes this spectacular hotel so unique. […]