unity shakes up botswana

Unity Shakes up Botswana

Unity Shakes up Botswana – Judge known as Unity in Botswana. Unity Dow takes on government in citizenship act challenge.
Florie Liser

Africa Prime US Africa relations a time for reset – Florie Liser Episode 3

Florie Liser is the President and CEO of Corporate Council on Africa and is the first woman to lead the Council since 1993. Before Presiding CCA, she was the Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa where she led trade and investment policy towards 49 sub-Saharan African countries and oversaw the implementation of the African Growth […]
Dr Joseph Sany

Africa Prime US Africa relations a time for reset – Dr. Joseph Sany Episode 9

Joseph N. Sany is the Vice President of the newly established Africa Center. For the past 20 years, Joseph has been working on peacebuilding with civil society, governments, businesses and international organizations in Africa. Prior to joining USIP, Joseph provided technical leadership in the design an implementation of multi-year, multi-million-dollar peacebuilding and civil society development […]
Ambassador David Shinn

Africa Prime US Africa relations a time for reset – Ambassador David Shinn Episode 5

Ambassador David Shinn is a Professor of International Affairs at the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Ambassador Shinn is an American Diplomat who has served for 37 years in the United States Foreign Service with assignments in Lebanon, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritania, Cameroon, and Sudan and was a former Ambassador to Burkina Faso […]