Condé Naste’s Votes Botswana as one of the The Best Countries in the World

Botswana is slightly larger than France, this landlocked Southern African nation has a population of only 2.3 million (as opposed to France’s 67 million), meaning that everyone has plenty of space to roam. In fact, Botswana is one of the least densely populated territories on the planet—that is, of course, only if you’re counting human beings. The Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta are teeming with wildlife, with Botswana now boasting the continent’s highest population of elephants at more than 130,000. You can explore the vast wilderness at one of andBeyond’s trio of lodges, which Traveler readers ranked among their favorite resorts in the world this year. For a completely unique perspective, you’ll want to snag a spot on a tour with the Chobe Angels, Africa’s first all-female guiding team, led by Florence Kagiso out of the Chobe Game Lodge.

Source: CN Traveler

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