About Africa Prime

What is Africa Prime?

Africa Prime is a FREE Media and FREE Subscription-based Video Streaming Service. Subscribe FREE here

Africa Prime offers several best of Africa video streaming channels exclusively licensed to the USA and Canadian markets. These channels include Channels such as: Business, Documentaries, Travel, Lifestyle and Food. They are all available in English.

Is Africa Prime available world-wide?

Not all Videos. Most are licensed only for viewership in the USA and Canada only. This will change in the future as we acquire more licenses.

Are the Streaming Movies available on this website?

YES. We offer FREE access to all our Videos. These include: Business, Documentaries, Travel, Lifestyle and Food

You can subscribe to get Full access to All our shows here

Are the Africa Prime Streaming services available now?

Yes. The Subscription Service is Available Now. It’s FREE. Subscribe here

What will it cost?

There is Currently No Cost. It’s all FREE.

However we do need your Name and Email address so we can notify you of new Videos and Africa Prime News updates

Subscribing to Africa Prime’s website is FREE.

What do I need to view Africa Prime?

All you need are these three things:

1) An internet connection
2) An Africa Prime FREE streaming subscription.
3) A supported device to watch on.

View all option here

How could I cancel my Africa Prime subscription?

You can un-subscribe at any time – email us at info@africaprime.com

How can I watch Africa Prime?

View all options available now here – more options to come soon

Can I watch Africa Prime from my phone?

Can I download Africa Prime videos and watch offline later?

Not at this point in time. The content is only available for streaming

If you have any questions, please submit the form below

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