Negroes and the Republic

´Negroes and the Republic’ is a documentary film by Claude Ribbe, shot in 2020. It explains the present situation of Africans and descendants of Africans in France today, through the testimonies of 15 implicated French individuals, who are particularly emblematic and influential. A juxtaposition with the current climate in the United States demonstrates that there is no true black community in France, but it is rather the racism they are subjected to, that binds this heterogeneous population in a common destiny. Moreover, due to the color of their skin, they are constantly confronted with trying circumstances that are more and more difficult, especially for the younger generations to deal with. These younger generations have become well organized and absolutely resolute in their stance. Will the principles of the Republic be enough to see them through this impasse and avoid riots like the ones that occurred in France in 2005?

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