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Ghana’s charismatic ex-president, Jerry Rawlings dies aged 73

Rawlings led two coups, first in 1979, before twice being elected president in multiparty polls. A charismatic figure, he first seized power railing against corruption and was responsible for executing several former heads of state for their alleged graft and mismanagement. He was also seen as a champion of the poor, but came to be [...]

African and US development financiers ramp up commitment to attracting greater private sector capital to Africa

The continent’s largest development finance institutions have emphasized that a sustained and collaborative approach among development partners to scale up project development activities, will boost the number of bankable projects attracting investor interest and contribute to closing the infrastructure finance gap in Africa. They spoke during a panel event to discuss their organizations’ role in [...]

Fela Kuti. Africa’s most challenging and charismatic music performers

Fela Anikulapo Kuti was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, composer, political activist, and Pan-Africanist. He is best known as a pioneer of the Afrobeat genre, a blend of traditional yoruba and Afro-Cuban music with funk and jazz. Musicians described him as "a musical and sociopolitical voice" of international significance. View video here: Fela was the [...]

Archaeologists discover 60 Egyptian Coffins 20 miles from Cairo, sealed over 2,500 years ago

Best described as a vast necropolis, the announcement marks the latest in a string of discoveries at Saqqara, a necropolis about 20 miles south of Cairo. The vast burial ground once served the royal capital of Memphis, and the site is also home to Egypt's oldest surviving pyramid.  In September, archaeologists at Saqqara discovered almost [...]

Foreign Divestment: Africa needs to prepare itself

In the wake of COVID-19, a new strategy to understand and try to reverse this growing trend is urgently needed. Foreign divestment is steadily becoming more likely and requires greater attention from policymakers, especially in Africa. The term refers to sales or liquidations of foreign affiliates by multinational enterprises in a host economy. Divestment is [...]

Explore Kenya, Masai Mara and Nairobi with Wanja Mungai

Wanja explores Kenya, Masai Mara, Nairobi, with abundant wildlife and awesome guided game drives. Seychelles, Creole Cuisine and  the Botanical Garden, Mozambique, Maputo, Tortoises over a hundred and eighty years old, lots of Portuguese inspired buildings and a statue of the late President Samora Machel, Called City of Acacias, is Maputo, Mozambique, famous for its [...]

Ivory Coast AI Genius wins the 2020 Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

Charlette N'Guessan is the first woman to win the award, which could revolutionize cyber security and help curb identity fraud on the African continent. N'Guessan and her team won the £25,000 award (about $33,000) for BACE API, a digital verification system that uses Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition to verify the identities of Africans remotely [...]

Bringing Sustainable Energy to Africa – Dr Kandeh Yumkella

Dr Kandeh Yumkella is a Sierra Leonean academic, government minister and head of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and passionate about bringing sustainable energy to Africa. View video here: Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (born July 5, 1959) is a Sierra Leonean Agricultural economist, politician, and the former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and the [...]

Africa Designers Taking Centre-Stage

Africa’s fashion industry with it’s highly developed creative pool, is exploding globally. It’s hard to contain the volume of top fashion designers making a huge impact in countries that have by an large ignored Africa in the past.  Africa’s talent is beginning to take centre-stage. From online concept store The Folklore, which distributes luxury and [...]

Ancient Egyptian god Osiris | Ancient Tomb and artifacts are discussed

View video here: The Egyprian god Osiris is the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion. He was classically depicted as a green-skinned deity with a pharaoh's beard, partially mummy-wrapped at the legs, wearing a distinctive atef crown, and holding a symbolic crook and flail. [...]

To Protest Colonialism, This Congolese Activist Takes Artifacts From Paris Museums

Mwazulu Diyabanza will appear in a Paris court this month after he tried to ‘steal’ an African treasure he says was looted from Africa. It would seam that France and its attitude to it’s colonial past will be on trial, too. Early one afternoonin Paris in June, the Congolese activist Mwazulu Diyabanza walked into the [...]

Life Along The Benue River | 1400 Kms Navigable and Live-Giving

View video here: The Benue River (French: la Bénoué), previously known as the Chadda River or Tchadda, is the major tributary of the Niger River.  The river is approximately 1,400 kilometres (870 mi) long and is almost entirely navigable during the summer months.  As a result, it is an important transportation route in the [...]

Inaugurantion of The Pan African Heritage World Museum in Ghana.

A new museum has been inaugurated in Ghana. (21 September 2020). The Pan African Heritage World Museum (PAHWM). It attests the dedicated commitment to the restoration of the dreams of our ancestors, from the nameless heroes and heroines to the modern intellectuals dating back to the likes of Wilmot Blyden and James Johnson. Within one [...]

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf | Nobel Prize President of Liberia

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  is a Nobel Prize winner and Liberia politician who served as the 24th President of Liberia from 2006 to 2018. Sirleaf was the first elected female head of state in Africa. View video here: Ellen Eugenia Johnson was born in Monrovia to a Gola father and Kru-German mother. She was educated [...]

Traditional Blue Notes Jazz from South Africa Helped Invent European Free Jazz

It was in July of 1964, that the members of Cape Town-based band, The Blue Notes, boarded a plane and headed for the world famous Antibes Jazz Festival in Juan-les-Pins, France. All were leaving South Africa for the first time, and many would never return. They were considered the best jazz band in the country, [...]

The Forest is my Life | Nigeria Rain Forest

Nigeria's forests are some of the most threatened on the planet due to high population growth rates, conversion for subsistence and industrial agricultural, and logging. View video here: While Nigeria is probably best known today for its oil deposits, the country is home to a rich diversity of forests and wildlife, including at least [...]

Women taking the lead in Nigeria’s Creative Spaces

Media does a terrible job of sharing Africa Women’s success stories. These 5 Women Are Breaking Boundaries In Nigeria's Creative Spaces. We speak to them about their work and contributions to Nigerian societyand especially within creative spaces, all despite their patriarchal background and nature. "African women in general need to know that it's ok for [...]

Africa’s Best Ever Football Player Nigerian Nwankwo Kanu Ducumentary

Considered the Best ever African Footballer, soccer star Kanu of Nigeria is profiled in this video. View video here: Nwankwo Kanu is a Nigerian former professional footballer who played as a forward. He was a member of the Nigerian national team, and played for Nigerian team Iwuanyanwu Nationale, Dutch side Ajax, Inter Milan of [...]

Weekly Africa Travel Show ‘On the Road’ with Wanja Mungai

Travel in Africa ‘On The Road’ with Wanja Mungai. In this episode Wanja takes us to Morrocco, Egypt and Kenya. View video here: Wanja Mungai takes viewers to three new locations every week to sample some of Africa’s most interesting destinations. Sometimes you’re there for shopping, sometimes to eat, other times for festivals, but [...]

Documentary of Miss Universe Bostwana Investor Businesswoman

Insightful documentary of Miss Universe winner Mpule Kwelagobe. Sharp. Highly Intelligent. Health Activist. Miss Universe Mpule was the first black African woman to win one of the Big Four international beauty pageants, the first woman from Botswana to win, and the first from a nation making their debut in nearly four decades. View video here: [...]

French uproar over magazine’s portrayal of Black politician as slave

Danièle Obono, who is of French-Gabonese origin, said the article had "crossed a line" and was "an insult to my ancestors" and "an insult to the Republic." (File photo) (CNN) A French right-wing magazine has sparked outrage over an illustration published in its most recent issue depicting the Black politician Danièle Obono as an 18th [...]

Here Are the African Artists on Barack Obama’s 2020 Summer Playlist

Image: Jussi Nukari/Lehtikuva/via REUTERS From Davido and Shatta Wale to Wizkid and Burna Boy, these are just some of the African artists who've been featured on former President Barack Obama's summer playlist. Former American President Barack Obama recently shared his annual summer playlist. While the entire playlist is straight fire with the likes of Beyoncé [...]

Africa’s top 10 Ultra-Luxurious Hotel Suites

The One Above - Cape Town, South Africa Taking up a 2-storey penthouse suite above the One&Only Cape Town hotel, The One Above is a very exclusive holiday apartment that some of the best views in Cape Town. From the many terraces and living areas, you can see all the way to Table Mountain, Robben [...]

Watch Tiwa Savage Make Her US TV Debut On Jimmy Fallon

The Nigerian star performed a striking rendition of her latest single "Dangerous Love." Tiwa Savage was the latest musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, performing her new single "Dangerous Love." The Nigerian star took things to an empty location around Eko Atlantic, Lagos state and kicked things off with a [...]

Enter the Micro-Budget Film: Lockdown amplifies South African cinema trends

South Africa’s film industry is the oldest in Africa and one of the oldest in the world, having started in 1896, soon after the Lumiere brothers’ famous first commercial film screening in 1895. The industry is one of the more established and commercially viable on the continent. It doesn’t produce as many films as Nigeria’s [...]

The Foreign Aid Game is changing: These are the opportunities for Africa

There are growing signs that the aid relationship between the Global South and the Global North is changing fast. Many traditional Western donors are reevaluating the role of aid while keeping a close eye on their own national interests. These changes may not be all bad. Since the turn of the century aid policies have [...]

“Black Is King” References Various African Traditions Through Fashion

Beyonce amplifies the diversity of cultures throughout the African diaspora. BY DARNELL-JAMAL LISBY In this op-ed, fashion historian and curator Darnell-Jamal Lisby breaks down the fashion from Black Is King and their connections to specific African regions, cultures, and traditions. Throughout the years, fashion has been an essential element to the way Beyoncé communicates, specifically [...]

Africa is beginning to ’bend the curve’ of Covid-19 – Africa CDC

John Nkengasong, Africa's Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), speaks during an interview with Reuters at the African Union (AU) Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. File picture: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters Kampala/Nairobi - Africa is beginning to slowly "bend the curve" of Covid-19 infections as measures like mask-wearing and social distancing slow down the spread [...]

Covid-19 has been Africa’s ‘Light Bulb’ Moment

What’s New And Exciting In The Land Of A Thousand Ideas (Rwanda) In many ways, Covid-19 has been Africa’s ‘light bulb’ moment. As an example, a roundup of the new wave of pandemic-inspired innovations being tried and tested in the marketplace in hilly Rwanda. As countries relentlessly dip into their depleting arsenal to creatively respond [...]

This 23-year-old Nigerian is creating a digital collection of African stories for children in different languages

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN). When Dominic Onyekachi set out to read his 6-year-old niece a story, he did not anticipate that the simple task would lead him to create a digital collection of African stories. After going through her mini library, he found that many of her books were foreign and had very little African representation. [...]

Celebrity Chef Fafa Gilbert specialises in Fusion African Cuisine

Chef Fafa Gilbert specialises in fusion African cuisine, where she mixes both African, Asian and Western ingredients together to create her own recipes. Fafa is from the Volta part of Ghana and a town which shares a border with Togo. Fafa spent most her free time in the kitchen with her Mum and learnt the [...]

The First Application of Balloon-powered Internet in Africa

NAIROBI, Kenya — A fleet of high-altitude balloons started delivering internet service to Kenya on Tuesday, extending online access to tens of thousands of people in the first-ever commercial deployment of the technology. The balloons, which hover about 12 miles up in the stratosphere — well above commercial airplanes — will initially provide a 4G [...]

Coronavirus Pandemic Has Humbled Me – Tiwa Savage, Award-Winning Nigerian Music artist

Tiwatope Savage, known professionally as Tiwa Savage, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress. Born in Isale Eko, she relocated to London at the age of 11 for her secondary education. Five years later, she began her music career doing backup vocals for artists such as George Michael and Mary J. Blige Tiwa Savage won [...]

The Land of the Pharaohs is Open for Business

Egypt reopened its famed Giza pyramids to the public after a three-month closure. The reopening marked the restart of a vital tourism industry battered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dozens of excited tourists snapped selfies as they wandered around Egypt’s most iconic ancient site. The pyramids were the country’s first tourist attraction to reopen, along with [...]

Africa’s emerging economies to take the lead in consumer market growth

Source for Laraki Automobiles: Wikipedia  Africa’s emerging economies present exciting opportunities to global businesses for expansion in retail and distribution. Changing demographics and improving business environments across the continent will be just two of the factors contributing to rising household consumption, which is predicted to reach $2.5 trillion by 2030. Seven countries—Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Democratic [...]

Senegalese Artist Documents the BLM Movement Across the Decades

In two separate images by the Dakar, Senegal-based photographer Omar Victor Diop, two Black figures - a man and a woman - lie curled against a dark expanse, one surrounded by a splash of technicolored Skittles, the other against ocher stalks of rice. One is Diop, playing the role of young Trayvon Martin, who was [...]

Ade Mabogunje (Nigeria) Chief (Professor) Mechanical Engineer at Stanford University, California

Image: Ade Mabogunje in training session in 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco, during the Atlantic Dialogues conference. © Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) Chief mechanical engineer at Stanford University, this expert in design thinking teaches the virtues of Ubuntu, African humanism, in Silicon Valley. For African entrepreneurs, he advises to get to know finance [...]

Palestinian actress Maryam Abu Khaled slams Arab racism in viral video

Palestinian actress and film director Maryam Abu Khaled slammed racism in the Arab world in a recent video posted on Instagram, maked comparisons with the racism in the US. Abu Khaled, a black woman from Jenin, said that while black people in the Middle East are not being killed by police, racism is a deep-rooted [...]

Africa’s Top 10 Hotel Restaurants

Beautiful views, discreet service, enterprising chefs, and only the very best in food and wine: these are the best places to stay in Africa if you’re a foodie who wants a great hotel restaurant just steps away from your luxurious suite. 1. Angama Mara – Kenya You’ll pick up a whole new foodie vocabulary at [...]

Tanzanian artisanal miner finds large rare gemstones worth US$3.3m

The Tanzanian Government handed cheque to the subsistence miner who found the two dark violet-blue gemstones. Tanzanite is a gemstone found only in a small northern region of Tanzania, Africa. A small-scale miner in Tanzania has earned 7.74 billion Tanzanian shillings (US$3.35m) after selling to the state the two largest tanzanite stones ever found. The [...]

Coronavirus in Ethiopia: ‘Incredible recovery of man aged over 100’

The recovery from coronavirus of an Ethiopian man who is believed to be at least 100 years old was “incredible”, one of the doctors who treated him told the BBC. Aba Tilahun Woldemichael’s family says he is 114, which would make him the world’s oldest man, but there is no birth certificate to confirm his […]

Africa is building ‘The Great Green Wall’ to stop the spread of Sahara desert

View Video Trailer Here The Great Green Wall’ is a movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa by planting trees. It is a collaborative effort of 20 countries that transcends geographical, political, and cultural divides by uniting people across borders. Once complete, […]

Africa’ first Covid-19 vaccine trial is underway

South Africa has become a COVID-19 model for the continent in many ways since it confirmed its index case on 5th March, 2020. From the area of testing through to record number of recoveries, South Africa has been praised for pro-activeness in combating the virus. The economic intervention measures rolled out by President Cyril Ramaphosa […]

AfDB Is Number 4 (out of 47) On Global Index Of Transparency

Publish What You Fund ranked the Bank ‘very good’ — The highest of the five categories used to assess organisations’ transparency Publish What You Fund has ranked the African Development Bank fourth out of 47 global development institutions on its Aid Transparency Index. The Index is the only independent measure of aid transparency among the […]

Masaai Farmers offer Kenya Wildlife Consrevationists a Lifeline.

‘My land is now owned by lions’: Maasai farmers offer Kenya’s wildlife a lifeline. Kenya has lost 70% of its wildlife in 30 years, but conservancy schemes could halt the decline – and benefit local communities Kupai, 47, and his two wives chose to live here after they surrendered 69 hectares (170 acres) of land […]

Tanzanian artisanal miner finds large rare gemstones worth US$3.3m

The Tanzanian Government handed cheque to the subsistence miner who found the two dark violet-blue gemstones. Tanzanite is a gemstone found only in a small northern region of Tanzania, Africa. A small-scale miner in Tanzania has earned 7.74 billion Tanzanian shillings (US$3.35m) after selling to the state the two largest tanzanite stones ever found. The […]

Africa’s First Caviar Farm in Madagascar

Quality! – not Quantity is the object Rova Caviar has established Africa’s first caviar farm in Madagascar. Quality, not quantity is the object, with a kilo of its produce normally selling for thousands of dollars in the capitals of the rich world. But it’s a business model that requires patience, especially when sales are held […]

28 Year Old Cameroonian Nuclear Engineer and Physicist

28 Year Old Cameroonian Nuclear Engineer and Physicist One of the most brilliant physicist of his generation. View Video of Arsène Tema Biwolé Here. (note in French only) 28 year old Arsène Tema Biwolé is a Cameroonian nuclear engineer and physicist. He is cited by the press as one of the most brilliant physicists of [...]

Belgian king expresses ‘deepest regrets’ for DR Congo colonial abuses

Belgium's King Philippe has expressed his "deepest regrets" to the Democratic Republic of Congo for his country's colonial abuses. The reigning monarch made the comments in a letter to President Félix Tshisekedi on the 60th anniversary of DR Congo's independence. Belgium controlled the central African country from the 19th Century until it won its independence [...]

Yinka Ilori Magnificent Nigerian Multidisciplinary Artist

Yinka Ilori is a London based multidisciplinary artist of a British-Nigerian heritage, who specialises in storytelling by fusing his British and Nigerian heritage to tell new stories in contemporary design. He began his practice in 2011 up-cycling vintage furniture, inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and West African fabrics that surrounded him as a child. […]

Defending and Promoting Africa’s Image

AFRICA PRIME is pursuing five key objectives. 1. Africa told by Africans Africa yearns for fairness and respect. Often depicted as having the ‘Heart of darkness’, or as one famous cover of the Economist was entitled “Hopeless continent”. Too often, Western mainstream media depict Africa under what I call the 5Ds, namely, Disease, Disorder, Death, […]

Ethiopia’s Climate Consciousness

Ethiopia is working on planting five billion trees this year, part of an ambitious plan to plant 20 billion seedlings by 2024 to help build a green climate resistant economy. The initiative, started by prime minister Abiy Ahmed, follows the Green Legacy Challenge project that claimed to plant a record 353 million seedlings on a […]

Africa’s Junk Bonds Among Hottest Investments With Big Yields

Africa’s sovereign bonds, all of them rated junk, have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the risk-on mood that’s sweeping global markets as economies reopen from coronavirus lockdowns. Seven of the 12 top-performing emerging-markets this quarter are in Africa. Angola, which is in discussions to reorganise some of its loans, leads the pack with a […]

South African tech helps mastering Agronomy

South African agri-tech startup Skudu is helping agribusinesses lower input costs while increasing yields by mastering agronomy, or soil science, through technology. Launched in 2018, Skudu came about after Andries Sotfberg, an agronomist with 20 years experience, became frustrated with inefficiencies within his industry, such as the length of time it would take to generate […]

Why are Africa’s coronavirus successes being overlooked?

Remember, early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, the speculation as to how apocalyptic it would be if this disease hit the African continent? I do. There was deep anxiety about what it would mean for countries with lower income populations, dominant but harder-to-regulate informal economies and far fewer healthcare facilities than the UK or Italy. […]

Kenyan medical startup brings clinic to your home

Maikere is one of over 600 Nairobians getting medical care at home through TIBU Health, a Kenyan startup. It is a small player in a global movement towards home-based medical care, and its March launch coincided with the coronavirus pandemic that has forced much of the world’s population to stay at home. “People think that […]

Idris Elba Hosts Africa Day

Idris Elba to host Africa Day Benefit Concert with some of the continent's biggest music stars. Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) Some of Africa's biggest music stars are lined up to perform at a 2-hour long virtual concert on Monday to celebrate Africa Day. Actor and musician, Idris Elba is hosting the concert titled 'Africa Day Benefit [...]

Ubuntu Beds. SA initiative

Ubuntu Beds is an initiative that aims to unite hospitality businesses that now stand empty, with our healthcare workers who are fighting the virus on the front lines We have all seen how Covid-19 has crippled the Italian health system. Lombardy, a region in Northern Italy, was the epicentre of their Corona Pandemic. When Kim [...]

Ghana Grows Its Space Economy

Since 1998, some thirty satellites have been launched into space by a number of African nations. Ghana joined the club in June 2017 when its first satellite was launched into orbit from the International Space Station. Students from All Nations University College, three of whom had worked on the satellite, were among the 400 people [...]

Namibia’s next generation of Astrophysicists

The University of Namibia is running a yearly scholarship program for a PhD and masters student to study astrophysics in preparation for working on the AMT project. "I'd love to be involved in the first video images of our black hole," said Hiiko Katjaita, a masters student hoping to be a part of the AMT [...]

Ghana’s Tech Solution for Coronavirus Tracking

Officials have launched an application for mobile phones that is intended to help the authorities track and identify suspected cases of coronavirus. The government says the app will be a game changer in the fight against the pandemic and that around 100 suspected cases have already been identified using the app. The app will track [...]

The Kenyan surgical mask assembly line

A week ago, Josephine Wambua spent her days stitching gardening clothes. This week, the factory where she works transformed into an all-out effort to make 30,000 surgical masks a day in a country that barely produced any before. “To sit here and do something that is useful to the world is a dream,” said Wambua, [...]

WHO says Africa will not be a testing ground

The World Health Organization has declared that Africa will not be a testing ground for any vaccine as it slams two French scientists who called for coronavirus vaccine to be tested first in Africa. The director general of the WHO, Ethiopia’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus described the calls from the French scientists as “racist” Jean-Paul Mira, head of [...]

African Mona Lisa’ sold for $1.4m

‘Christine’ the ‘African Mona Lisa’ was painted in 1971 by the father of Nigerian modernism Ben Enwonwu. It was sold in an auction in London for $1.4m. ‘Christine’ was painted in 1971 by the father of Nigerian modernism Ben Enwonwu. The subject of the painting, Christine, was born in New York but moved to Ghana […]

Nigeria’s first female fighter jet pilot

Kafayat Sanni has made history becoming Nigeria’s first female fighter jet pilot. Sanni in 2017 emerged as the overall best pilot at the Nigerian Armed Forces 401 Flying Training School in Kaduna State. Her reward was her travel to the United States of America to train at the US Aviation Leadership Programme. Sanni successfully completed […]

Best African country for startup CEO

It pays more to be a startup CEO in South Africa than anywhere else, according to a survey of startup compensation packages focused on nearly 50 startups in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. The survey was carried out by Timon Capital, early-stage investor in sub-Saharan Africa and think tank Briter Bridges. Nigeria, South Africa […]

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Prize

Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his work toward ending a 20-year conflict with neighboring Eritrea and opening up one of Africa’s most notorious one-party systems. Mr. Ahmed’s overhauls have put Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most-populous country and one of its fastest-growing economies, on a transition toward democracy, even […]