On the Road – Season 7, Episode 5

Wanja explores the Fantasia Festival in Ouledazzouz, Morocco, a showcasing of horsemanship, preserving the Moroccan culture. Beach time, fishing, diving and photography on Tofo beach in Mozambique, then onto East Africa to meet a controversial, contemporary painter, depicting the issues of his time.

Wanja Mungai takes viewers to three new locations every week to sample some of Africa’s most interesting destinations. Sometimes you’re there for shopping, sometimes to eat, other times for festivals, but always to have fun. Wanja Mungai has incredible experience in television production skills. She has worked for local television stations in Kenya and international media. She has toured various African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory coast, Zambia, South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros , Tanzania and Uganda (and also China), in search of compelling stories. The charismatic personality has also produced features for renowned broadcasters like CNN, Reuters and TVC Nigeria.

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