SS Sphinx – Egypt’s only luxury river cruise launched on the Nile

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises has debuted images for its newest Super Ship, the highly anticipated SS Sphinx! Captured sailing on the Nile River in Egypt, the ship was influenced by local artisans to embody true Egyptian creativity and craftmanship.

The Sphinx set sail in 2021 as the only luxury river cruise in Egypt. The ship consists of 42 suites, a massage room and a swimming pool all adorned with locally sourced fabrics, furnishings and artwork. The super ship contains two gourmet dining venues, a private dining area and an al fresco dining experience located on the upper deck. The menus on the ship change regularly to reflect the local cuisine of the ships current destination. A selection of locally sourced Egyptian wines is available for guests to pair with their meals including crowd favourites Omar Khayyam and Shahrazade.

SS Sphinx

Kelly Jackson, the Managing Director of The Travel Corporation, commented on the SS Sphinx by saying: ‘As Egypt continues to be a top trending travel destination, we’re overjoyed to set sail along the famed Nile River and provide an unmatched look at the destination aboard our striking new Super Ship, the S.S. Sphinx. We’re excited for our guests to experience the ship as it fully embodies what they love most when sailing with us, exquisite design and experiences they won’t find anywhere else’.

Jackson praised the efforts of the people behind the S. S. Sphinx, stating that ‘over the past few years, our team poured their heart into sourcing the design aspects, spending weeks at a time searching the souks and Baazars to connect with local artisans and family-owned furniture businesses to collaborate and bring the true spirit of Egypt to life onboard. Everything from the artwork to the ceilings to the ship’s bow was thought out and sourced by the local community’.

Jackson’s statement is substantiated by the carefully decorated Egyptian themed vessel. Locally sourced materials were used in the hand-carved, blonde wood ceilings and in the handcrafted and upholstered banquettes. The décor on the S. S. Sphinx, inspired by Egypt, clearly illustrates the history and culture of Egypt. This is visible in the carpets which are adorned with Egyptian geometric shapes of the famous pyramids, and in the bright blue furniture draped in delicate white cloth to mimic the ancient Egyptian Barges.

The S. S. Sphinx operates under the Splendors of Egypt & The Nile itinerary which sets out a 12-day sailing experience starting and ending in Cairo, Egypt. The voyage gives its guests an authentic Egyptian experience by exploring Egypt’s top attractions. Sites included in the itinerary are the Temple of Hatshepsut and the famous Grand Egyptian Museum.

The cruise includes all meals along with a wine and beverage service offering premium spirits to guests. Guests can additionally expect offshore excursions, airport transfers, onboard gratuities, Wi-Fi, and beautiful accommodation with riverside views!

SS Sphinx

Source: Getaway

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