Ubuntu Beds. SA initiative

Ubuntu Beds is an initiative that aims to unite hospitality businesses that now stand empty, with our healthcare workers who are fighting the virus on the front lines We have all seen how Covid-19 has crippled the Italian health system. Lombardy, a region in Northern Italy, was the epicentre of their Corona Pandemic. When Kim Whitaker, founder of Ubuntu Beds, asked a Doctor from Lombardy what they would have done five weeks ago, he responded, “I would have arranged accommodation for the doctors and nurses in the now-closed hotels.” Healthcare workers were exhausted and unable to return home for fear of infecting their families, as a result, they were sleeping poorly and burning out.

Ubuntu Beds aims to unite the hospitality industry with on-the-ground healthcare workers fighting Covid-19. Hostels, hotels, BnB’s and guest-houses will be able to offer safe harbour to our doctors and nurses. South Africa is still in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the coming weeks, we expect infections to increase drastically, causing our hospitals and clinics to become overwhelmed with patients in need of assistance. What this means for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers is longer hours, heightened stress, and exposure to the virus.

“By connecting healthcare workers with accommodation, we can ensure they won’t need to travel long distances home to their families, that they’ll be able to rest easy, and in turn, ensure the safety of more South Africans. When we heard about the initiative, Nicework jumped on board to see where we could lend a hand. Within 48 hours, we had developed a brand identity, web page, and social media content before Kim went live on the radio this morning to officially launch Ubuntu Beds. We are proud to say we have already had 39 healthcare professionals sign up, 20 hospitality sign-ups, and 2 donations.”

You too can help by liking and sharing and spreading the love. You can also donate or contribute to the initiative, here.

Source: Good Things Guy

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