Ugandans manufacture low-energy consumption computers

Ugandan engineers have developed Microfuse, a device designed to make computing and computers accessible to all Africans, especially those who are dealing with irregular power supplies.

The device is currently being tested in a school on the outskirts of Kampala.

It is a small revolution for the school. The stick computers prove to be much cheaper than traditional computers and also consume much less energy. This is a great alternative for many of the staff.

“In a preschool like ours, we don’t hire people who have very good computer knowledge and skills, we hire people who want to work and use computers, but who don’t always have access to the technology. So the Microfuse device, for example, allows staff, from teachers to the treasurer to myself, the principal, to use a computer. It’s been very easy for all of us,” says Jeff Ssembiro, principal of Jolly Tots Elementary School.

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