US-Africa Relations: an interview with Yaya Moussa Part 3 – The impact of the 2022 US-Africa Summit

The 2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit 2022 is an invaluable opportunity for the revival of US-Africa relations. This second summit, after 8 years of neglect, paves the way for a constant communication between the two actors, fostering mutual collaboration; one where Africa is not just a taker, but a giver too. A lot of initiatives have the potential to transform and positively benefit US-Africa relations, ranging from citizenship for African Americans to narrowing the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world to the inclusion of Africa in the UN’s security council. Before anything, the perception of African as a burden must change. Africa must own its own narrative. Through a continental TV, through talks from Africans about the continent, Africa can govern its own message. Only then, change can occur.

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