West African DJ AMÉMÉ on His Coachella 2022 Debut

AMÉMÉ is building himself a “house.” Already looking 10 steps ahead of where his career stands now, the rising producer has sights much bigger than his debut DJ set at Weekend One of Coachella. Just seven years ago, he was only a guest at the California festival and now we’re sitting in his own private trailer, so it’s safe to say this headspace works wonders for him.

“It’s going to be a whole show,” he predicts, eyes lighting up and hands forming grand shapes when asked about his t-shirt that reads, “Welcome to AMÉMÉ House.” Like “Lion King on Broadway,” he pictures his current club show with more “crazy lighting” and “people singing” — an “audiovisual experience” where he’ll be “jumping around and on drums.”

Satisfied with his manifestation, AMÉMÉ sits back into the trailer couch. “That’s my end goal,” he smiles. “I always want to do it better and better. At some point I’ll be like, ‘This DJ stuff… what’s next?’ And I’m already thinking about it.”

Real name Hubert Ameme Sodoganji, 33-year-old AMÉMÉ was born and raised in West Africa, before moving to New York City with the goal of becoming a doctor. But even in the midst of pre-med schooling for three years, he was quietly mapping out his next move: a self-taught transition into music, where he’d build off his worldly references — from Berlin to Benin — and wield a new sound inside the Afro-House genre.

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