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Biography: Dr Yaya Moussa

Dr Yaya Moussa is a seasoned finance specialist and entrepreneur with decades of experience in Europe, North America and sub-Saharan Africa. For the majority of his career Dr Moussa has worked in finance, including as a senior credit analyst with IBCA, a rating agency in Paris and London, and as a senior financial manager with Caisse des Depôts et Consignations in Paris, where he was in charge of monitoring the finances of more than 400 public private partnerships.

He has also held a number of roles at the IMF, including as an advisor to an executive director and as a senior economist in the fiscal affairs department. Between September 2005 and June 2009, Dr Moussa was the IMF’s resident representative in the Republic of Congo (“Congo”). In that capacity, his role consisted in liaising with IMF headquarters on Congo-related issues and locally advocating and monitoring the implementation of the IMF’s reform programme, in concert with his HQs and other international organisations, such as the World Bank.

Dr Moussa’s current interests include Africa Prime (formerly known as Africa Today TV or ATTV), a high quality streaming video on demand service based in the United States dedicated to celebrating Africa’s talent and successes from all walks of life, and a number of minority stakes in mature oil fields in Congo through a wholly owned investment vehicle, Kontinent Congo.

Dr Moussa has also recently announced the launch of the Africa Prime Initiative (API), the philanthropic arm of Africa Prime. API is preparing to launch ambitious projects that will support emerging African talent across a spectrum of visual arts, including film, photography, and contemporary art. API’s projects will focus on equipping African creatives with funding to develop their skills, helping creatives to take control of Africa’s narrative and showcase our diverse and rich culture to the rest of the world.  Dr Yaya Moussa’s other philanthropic initiatives have included financial support in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Kontinent Congo has been working to supply hand sanitiser, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and other medical equipment in Congo, as well as training health staff to handle new equipment and protect themselves, through a donation of USD$ 200,000.

Born in Cameroon, Dr Moussa wrote his Ph.D. at Paris-Dauphine University on venture capital in France. He also holds several other graduate degrees, including a degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, a Master’s in Public Administration and Policy from Columbia University, an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a Master of Science from Oxford University. As part of his MBA, Dr Moussa wrote a thesis on the management of oil contracts in Congo.

Dr Moussa has also written several business papers and sector reports, including acclaimed surveys of the European venture capital industry and of the European insurance industry published by Eurostaf Dafsa, a French consultancy. When at Caisse des Depȏts, Dr Moussa lectured on financial management at the University of Paris X-III. At the IMF, he published a cross-country study on public financial management in Africa.

Dr Moussa was previously the vice-chairman for International Affairs on the Board of the World Affairs Council, a think tank based in Washington, D.C. He is also a Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts.

Dr Yaya Moussa currently lives in Washington DC, USA, with his family.

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Dr yaya Moussa Africa Prime
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