Zimbabwean Wine Stewart, Lovejoy Neshamba introduces some of Africa’s most original Wine Cellar Art

An Africa Prime Exclusive Documentary (12 Minutes):

Five Star Ellerman House Hotel in Cape Town has a wine cellar with art sculptures unlike any
other wine cellar in Africa.

1. A gigantic corkscrew sculpture holding several hundreds of bottles of wine, housed in a temperature controlled glass room.
2. An entire wall, made up of 100 bronze frames, displaying the soil material from a 100 different wine estates in the Cape Town region.
3. A magnificent, glass-blown elegantly-styled, brandy bottle display on a wall, showing the maturation from 3 to 20 years in different colors.
4. A life-size 1000 piece bronze Pinotage Vine that will turn green with age. A wine cellar of over 9,000 South African red and white wines including a champagne and MCC cellar.

Zimbabwean Lovejoy Neshamba talks us through these as well as his personal unique journey

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